An activist from the International Solidarity Movement blocks IDF soldiers from shooting at protesting Palestinians in Gaza, saying “You’re shooting at kids, don’t you understand that? Just pull back!“[video]

SMFH… Disgusting…

Guys. This is a woman grappling with an armed soldier wearing nothing but a jacket.
I think we need to know her name.

Diana Prince 

this is why I wanted to be a war journalist. how powerful is this segment. why did it not make it on the news?

Because Western/US media supports Israel’s war crimes, just as the US funds and arms Israel’s ethnocidal regime.


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Last words of Kimani Gray, 16, shot 11 times by police after witnesses say Kimani adjusted his waistband. 
3/9/2013 Last words of Kendrec McDade, 19, an unarmed college student shot by police for clutching his waistband as he ran down the street. 
3/24/2012 Last words of John Crawford, 22, shot by police as he held a toy gun in Wal-Mart. 
8/5/14 Last words of Oscar Grant III, 22, shot after being detained by police, despite being unarmed. 
1/1/2009 Last words of Michael Brown, 18, shot by police after holding his hands up and declaring that he was unarmed. 

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